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Hi! I'm Nikita Vasilev, a UX/UI and web-designer who thrives in striking a balance between clean and considered outcomes.

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Wanted to become a developer, but I was upset that there was no worthwhile layout for layout, so I became a designer.


I’m Nikita, a digital UX/UI designer with 2 years of experience. Make user-friendly websites and profitable for entrepreneurs. Currently based in Moscow, Russia

Magic in small things

My first job Outside Digital — I was a junior designer and developed interfaces for large clients: MEGA, IKEA, SKODA and VOLKSWAGEN. The main directions are working with a large design system that should be supported on client sites around the world.

After Outside Digital, I worked freelance and a support on third—party projects. Launch an online coffee shop. I studied the users, immersed myself in the product, developed the design and implemented it  on the Tilda.

After freelancing, I got a job in Embacy as a web-designer. There are cool guys. Thanks to them, I understood what digital is. I have managed to work for an industrial plant, an online school, a product SaaS and many other foreign clients. Thanks Embacy 🖤

Now I help startups with design, determine users, benefits for them and the main business direction